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  • Construction/ Equipment Repairs

    Construction/ Equipment Repairs

    Basic materials and equipment repair materials used directly in buildings include construction equipment materials, non-metal/metal materials, construction materials, etc.

  • Construction tools

    Construction tools

    Devices used to manufacture, repair, assemble, weld products. Includes hand tools, power/air and cutting tools, etc.

  • Machinery Component

    Machinery Component

    Minimum unit of machinery components that connect machines without power. Includes bearings, brackets, seals, and bolts.

  • Power Device

    Power Device

    Component that generates power, and transfers that power to machinery. Includes gears, belts, chains, etc.

  • Office Supplies

    Office Supplies

    Items used in general offices include furniture / tributaries and peripheral office supplies / hot water supplies.

  • Office Automation

    Office Automation

    Consumables, accessories compatible to work computers and office devices. Includes computers, printers, shredders, etc.

  • Production/ Transportation

    Production/ Transportation

    Machinery and components required to produce, process, transport industrial products and components. Includes powered transportation components, mold components, conveyor rollers, etc.

  • Fire/Safety


    Equipment and clean items for fire fighting and industrial location safety prevention. Includes safety boots, fire extinguishers, gloves, etc.

  • Test/Measure


    Testing equipment, measurement/observation/examination/analysis equipment and consumables used at the lab. Includes physical measuring devices, reagents, testing devices.

  • Hydraulics/Air Conditioning/Fluid

    Hydraulics/Air Conditioning/Fluid

    There are piping, air-conditioning and hoses, etc. for piping materials and ventilation / ventilation materials for driving / controlling parts, fluid transportation and control functions by oil / air pressure.

  • Electric and electronic components

    Electric and electronic components

    Electrical components, power components, and control components are industrial and peripheral products for generating / transmitting / converting electric / electronic signals.

  • Electrical and electronic products

    Electrical and electronic products

    Finished products and accessories driven by electric / electronic energy such as video / sound / communication / lighting, etc. These include video / audio equipment, lighting equipment and electronic products.

  • Packing / Storage

    Packing / Storage

    There are boxes, bands, trays, tapes, etc. that are necessary for storing goods such as material loading, circulation, rotation and warehouse.

  • Chemistry


    Various chemical matters and raw materials used in the production of products, maintenance/repair of equipment. Includes gas, fuel, oil, refrigerants, etc.

  • Environment / Cleaning / Goods

    Environment / Cleaning / Goods

    Equipment and consumables used for cleaning / cleaning / hygiene include miscellaneous items, disinfection supplies, and cleaning tools.

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  • 소모성 자재 (MRO)

    고객의 생산과 밀접하게 관련되지 않은 간접자재로, OA기자재 및 사무용품과 공장의 유지·보수에 필요한 자재

  • MPS

    마케팅, 홍보, 영업, 직원복지 등을 위한 판촉 사은품을 고객사에 제공하는 서비스

  • 부자재

    생산용 보조자재를 말하며, 다수의 기업이 사용하는 범용 부자재와 생산제품에 부속되는 특수 제작된 전용 부자재